Hutano is a Shona word that means health.  Granted, Hutano is a physical therapy organization, it is also deeply rooted in health restoration. we believe that bodies in motion are generally healthy bodies. And, if, for whatever reason, a body is unable to move in a fashion that is optimal for sports, leisure or work, restorative rehabilitation can return the body back to its optimal movement abilities. Lastly, we believe that anybody can exceed its current performance.

Dr. Makuve is the founder of Hutano Physical therapy. In addition to being an athlete himself, he has trained several athletes to attain their performance goals. Along the way, he has helped patients improve their ability to function in their societal roles as parents, grandparents, and the like. Furthermore, he is continually pushing the envelope on improving protocols to decrease employment-related injuries.

Hutano is a full-service physical therapy clinic. Our line of services include;

  1. Dry needling.
  2. Running and Gait Analysis.
  3. Endurance Sports training.
  4. Post-surgical rehabilitation.
  5. Weight management.
  6. Hand Rehabilitation.
  7. Wound Care
  8. Spinal Manipulation.

Complimenting our core services,  Hutano Physical Therapy also provides Sports Massage Therapy and Diet services by a licensed massage therapist and a registered dietitian.