Hutano Physical Therapy and Wellness

The Balance School:

The facts

One third of adults over 65 are likely to fall this year. Falls cause over 95% of hip fractures and medical costs in excess of $30 billion a year. The balance school teaches you how to proactively prevent falls.


You will be introduced exercises to improve range of motion, strength and synergy responses to perturbations or sudden changes to your environment. You will learn how to improve flexibility, strength and power to react to sudden movement that would otherwise lead to a fall.

postural awareness

We will train you how to improve control of your body position by engaging strategies that help you maintain your center of mass within the limits of stability.

functional training

When all is said and done, our goal is to improve your ability to maintain balance while performing day-to-day activities; like transitioning from sit to stand, walking, navigating stairs and so forth. You will become proficient at performing functional activities without the fear of falling. 

sensory training

Balance is a compound activity that requires optimal and sometimes compensatory functioning of all available senses. Challenging the senses will ensure balance is consistent despite the presence or absence visual, tactile or vestibular senses.

education and prevention

Throughout your training, we will assist you in identifying fall risk factors like effects of medications, postural hypotension and environmental factors.