Hutano Physical Therapy and Wellness

Curcuit Gym:

1. Cardio

2 minutes on a treadmill, upright/recumbent bike or stepper. 2 minutes of cardio training 9 times.

2. rest

30 seconds 9 times.

3. strength

2 minutes of strength training per machine followed by 30 seconds rest and return to 2 minutes of cardio. Strength Training 9 times for 2 minutes.

cardio parameters

Maintain 80% of your maximum heart rate for 2 minutes on your favorite cardio machine - bike, treadmill or stepper.

strength training

2 minutes of strength training followed by 30 seconds' rest and return to 2 minutes cardio training.
ORDER OF STRENGTH TRAINING; (1)Biceps Curl, (2) Triceps Extension, (3) Lat Pulldown, (4) Shoulder Press, (5) Chest Press, (6) Rear Row, (7) Quad Extension, (8) Hamstring Curl, (9) Leg Press

Complete workout!
18 minutes of high intensity cardio; another 18 minutes of strength training of all the major muscle groups 9 aggregate minutes of rest; that is a total of 45 minutes of FULL body workout.