Cycling is a great sport that challenges stamina and cardiopulmonary endurance.  Wheather you are a weekend rider or ride professionally, the potential for injury is sometimes inevitable. Accidents happen, and when they do, our focus is to restore strength and range of motion to levels for the cyclist to return to the sport at levels comparable to their pre-injury levels.

Nonetheless, some injuries are preventable. For instance, back pain resulting from poor posture can be corrected by fitting the bike to the rider appropriately. The very nature of sitting on a bike saddle with the back flexed for hours at a times takes its toll. It is imperative for the rider to understand how bike fit and performing exercises targeted and the muscles of the back and hip can improve tolerance of long rides without compromising performance.

The cycling program begins with an assessment of fit followed by specific exercises and to improve posture while engaging the glutes to power drive instead of using quads to drive. When all is said and done, the cyclist who has or is beginning to experience back and neck pain will understand how to mitigate pain during and between rides.  By the same token, someone new cycling, or looking to increase their cycling time can safely increase ride time without risking injuries.

Las Vegas and Henderson are two cities with a rich tradition of cycling.  Hundreds of miles of trails and thousands of cyclists;  professional and leisure riders alike enjoy the sport passionately.

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