Hutano Physical Therapy and Wellness

Unlimited Physical Therapy:

ready to make a change and live life better?

We'd like to show you a new way to access Physical Therapy - a way that will give you the results you thought you'd never achieve. Many patients are skeptical of Physical Therapy - they've tried it before with minimal improvement in their mobility, strength and pain level. But often, the treatments they've tried have been incomplete - not enough sessions, sessions too short and lack of whole body/mind care. With our Comprehensive Wellness Care Membership, you will receive the unlimited treatments you need to transform the way you feel and function.

comprehensive & unlimited

Our Comprehensive Wellness Care Membership is a cost-effective program with Unlimited Physical Therapy, extended sessions, and total wellness treatment, It's different, cost-effective and it works!


the benefits

1. Unlimited sessions with an Licensed Physical Therapist
2. Intensive, one-on-one sessions (45-60 minutes) dedicated exclusively to results-oriented recovery.
3. Holistic, total wellness consultation to identify other contributing factors.
4. Consultations with a wellness coach.
5. Open access to our gym facility.
6. No physician referral required.
7.No benefits plan constraints or co-payments to collect

cost effective

Break down the costs associated with the Physical Therapy you receive that is that's covered by health benefits. First, you have co-payments to make , and they add up fast. Second, your benefits may run out before your treatments should wrap up -  and that leaves you paying for individual sessions completely out of pocket. Instead, with our Comprehensive Wellness Care Membership, you get unlimited access and the full spectrum of  care needed to see real improvement - and you don't pay a single extra dime above the membership fee, ever. If $233/month means improved quality of life, isn't ir worth it?


I've tried physical therapy before and it did not work. When you are patient in a traditional Physical Therapy care model, you may only be getting short sessions by a rushed practitioner - not enough for proper assessment and care. Plus you may not have had a total wellness approach to treatment - total wellness that addresses underlying causes of your disorder like nutrition and stress. And if you're worried about costs, you may stop your treatments before your condition has the chance to improve. Give yourself the opportunity to see real results.  

conditions we treat

Stroke Recovery | Multiple Sclerosis | Parkinson's | Traumatic Brain Injury | Low Back Pain | Neck Pain | Diabetes | Fibromayalgia | Diabetes | Sciatica | Arthritis | Osteoporosis | Knee and Hip Replacement Rehab | Repetitive Stress Injuries | Geriatric Fall Risk.