Weight Management

Optimal weight is critical to maintaining good health. In fact, obesity is one of the major causes of other illnesses like hypertension and diabetes. Often, obesity or being overweight is a precursor to many chronic diseases. Fortunately, when weight is managed and kept under control, the risks of other diseases including heart and vascular diseases is reversed.

Dr. Makuve takes a common sense approach to weight management.  First, your goals and reasons for managing weight are assessed and discussed with the client to determine reasonable time frames to accomplish your goals. Second, a plan of exercise is established;  taking into account your current diet.  Thirdly, after your first 10 sessions of structured exercise, a diet plan that focuses on decreasing calorie intake is put in place.  Lastly, a quality diet plan that takes into account the quality of food you take in is put in place after 20 sessions and sustained exercise and consistent calorie  management.

The 4 step plan our approach to success. Meanwhile, Dr. Makuve will design a calorie burning exercise regiment to ensure your body achieves the most of your sessions.

Fee Schedule

Package Per Session Rate  Duration
48 Session $60 4 Months 48 sessions x $60 = $2,880
36 Session $65 3 Months 36 sessions x $65 = $2,340
24 Session $70 2 Months 24 sessions x $70 = $1,680
12 Session $75 1 Month 12 sessions x $75 = $900