Wound Care

It is a matter of fact that chronic wounds affect at least 6 million people in the United States alone; at a staggering cost of 25 billion dollars annually. What is also a fact is that, most wounds can be prevented or treated effectively. However, faced with a shortage of experience wound care professional, many cases end up in emergency room and subsequently in the hospital. Nonetheless, educating patients and caregivers about prevention and care has proven to lower the cost and burden of caring for chronic wounds. Furthermore, these efforts reduce the risk of acute wounds developing into chronic wounds. Our approach to wound care is to empower the patient and their caregivers through education. We recognize this to be an important first step to managing wounds. 

Second, we ensure that our approach to management our wounds begin with a sound approach to wound care; starting with the rigorous training we offer our staff, followed by years of experience in a variety of clinical settings. Truly, there is no substitute for competence, and at Hutano, our staff are competent at managing all wounds. 

Third, we recognize the value of a comprehensive approach to wound care. In this respect, our extended family of wound care management professionals includes infectious disease specialists, registered dieticians, psychologists, and physical therapists. Our goal is to ensure that peripheral issues that affect wound management are addresses by persons qualified to address them. Take for instance, lack of mobility; in itself, it can be the primary reason for development of decubitus ulcers. When closely assessed, we may discover that the lack of movement may be attributed to depression or another medical condition that requires the expertise of specialty medical professions to address. 

Lastly, we recognize that failure to address wounds in a timely manner can lead to a cascade of sentinel events. Our mission is to provide care at the time of critical need.  We are the first organization to offer emergency wound care.